torstai 1. syyskuuta 2016

From a deep sleep...

Martti wakes up as if into an ordinary day. He feels strangely old. But outside is a timeless sun, people doing their chores as usual.

Maybe I am just imagining the passage of time, he thinks.

Treasury shows 7.7 mil and a quick detour to a local market (the square in front of the Barbican old town gate, intended to be a carriage parking but has plenty of space for other activities still) shows everything has cheapened greatly overnight.


Carriages and jewels can be bought for 1 mil, IC prices are slashed to 1/10 of what they were, even the once-insurmountable price of a HM02B100 gold bar is quoted at 12 mil and rumor says it was 5 mil earlier "today" but the time still feels strange.

Pondering what this may mean, Baron Martti goes to his study, soon falling asleep but scheming future speculations even in his dreams.

lauantai 11. kesäkuuta 2016

November 1643 - Day 151

The life as CEO is busy. Martti barely manages to write something now as the year is already closing. Even the suit production, retire and promote in the company have already happened. The suits have not sold at all, it's almost as if all the 7 NPCC had simultaneously decided to rather drink wine and walk naked than dress like humans.

And this was actually quite much the case - the changes in the drink scoring have made buying clothes a losing proposition, something that will be remedied as soon as the King hears about it, Martti is sure. But this is not really that big a deal for the company - it was all the time counting to sell its produce to the Clans end users, and the time window planned is "after 2 spoils", which means earliest 3 years from now and no later than 6.

The balance shows 47 million, which of course is nice after the debts are all paid and 2 properties are churning income. The greatest contributor to the nice balance is the DIA5 that was sold at 61 mil, half credited to Martti. For such an impressive stone, the price was quite low even, but there is an unsold one at 81 mil against a bid of 61 mil atm.

The health challenge was tackled with baronial thoroughness. First 15*MEAD, 12*W1628 and the rest BEER, then 10*CIG, 2*SHI and the rest CAN. Finally 50*MEAT, 1*FOIE and the rest VEG, getting the remaining to Insignificant.

It is probably only a year, max 2, until the new barons are announced so Martti promises to spend a lot of time in the Gilded Goose (not that a special determination was needed, it's a premier fun place..) and talk to the nobles and lobby himself, "just in case" it was unnoticed that he won the 2/7 prizes in the coronation....

Martti sells his 1*S-VE1. The selling is not based on any exact calculation, but he feels that he'd need to log in on Thursday for the superveg, to derive the best benefit out of it, and that he does not have time to do every week, so better let go and employ the 5.1 mil for something else.

The final gem raffle yielded 2*EME and 1*SAP to Martti. He feels so loaded with royal gems* now as only 400 exist kingdomwide, and Martti has 2 diamonds, 2 sapphires and 2 emeralds.

*Royal gems are diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds and topaz. The total quantity of these is restricted by the rules.

The need for the diamond ring is becoming acute now. The market is appraising DIA1 at almost the same price as DIA2, so Martti decides to go one step higher than the means allow - make the ring out of pure gold and mount the DIA2 to it, so that if the value of either or both rises, the ring will be worth 100 mil, the same cost as Martti's baronial house! These are the situations when Martti wishes his old man in the village of Sauste were still alive..

When deciding about the weight of gold, the plan was first to go for 15 grams, but then Martti buys 20, and has to take one more coin, just to ensure that the big diamond does not look stupid. So 25 CKG it is, and very elaborate of course.

Compared to this investment, it feels almost stupid to even sell the colored stones for a few mil - the price will rise - but Martti nevertheless lists them for sale and that's about it for now.

sunnuntai 5. kesäkuuta 2016

December 1642 - Day 145

Martti wakes up with a long yawn. His mind is fulfilled with the vivid visions of the Coronation - the event that had been waited for 10 years (officially: 8) since rpietila II assumed throne, and that is now completed and everyone is sleeping away their condition.

The Hall of Mirrors was indeed indescribable, well, trying anyway - 80 long, 12 high and wide, with 7,000 IC worth of late Rubens paintings about CK alone and more than 20% of the mirror area in town (well the compound is about 10% of the CUL output of the town as well..)

Martti's well-planned participation in the competitions was good. He actually won 2 of the 7(!) The only other one to win 2 was the 236-year old Duke of OZ. Other winners were Lord Syksy (the fatherhead of Syyskuu), the Duke of New Liberty, and Royal CryptoArmy.

Martti's first shot in the Sharpshooter (17/20, with the best base) was unbeatable by the others, so a DIA5 was pocketed to be divided between him and Roopatra. The first attempt at Horseback was also excellent, but the competition was fierce and the Duke of OZ beat him with a fearless gallop. Martti did not want to pay so much wine and risk his suit to be spoilt (Ezekiel, the son of the King, spoiled a 190-year old purple suit with 50 CKG, the one that rpietila I had worn as his everyday suit all this time, a priceless treasure, even considering it was the cheapest original royal suit). For second place, far ahead of the others, Martti was awarded a DIA1.

The nice bonus was the new player Freshman contest, which Martti won since there were only 4 participating, and Martti's descriptions about his life (in this blog, almost 100 texts already) were considered far surpassing those of the others. This time, a DIA2. And the raffle tickets, with any luck, will bring in an EME or even a SAP, since both abound in the prize pool.

Oh yes, and not to mention the LAG, which Martti got both to drink and to bring home (5 bottles; it's trading at 2.8/1.5 so among the best of the spirits). All in all, the Coronation was definitely the event that should seal Martti's Barony, and also brought in nice cash if the jewels get sold as is planned. "Eating makes you thirsty", Martti thinks as he considers which of the diamonds, DIA1 or DIA2 would fit his right middle best, and whether mounted in gold or silver. He ends up listing both for sale, and plans to withdraw the other when one is taken.

He cannot get rid of being a peddler totally.. SCI is so cheap, even after the surprise spoil, he places an order for 50 more. It just has to rise closer to the book value of 0.14. If the King says so, it will happen. When LAG came in 1608 (the year Martti was born), it was also noted that it will be drunk in Sir Zechariah's coronation. And it was.

The health, by the way, has been Decent for some time - middle age is creeping - but since the health challenge gets more difficult linearly, and Martti's wealth grows exponentially, he now finishes the second year in a row as:

The eating/drinking felt Effective. I feel the remaining health challenge to be None. I could still eat 0, drink 0 and use 4 units of wisdom this year.

If the health challenge is conquered to None, it means the health does not deteriorate at all, and while this remains the case (the mechanism will be changed "soon"), Martti will have ample time in fulfilling his ambitions :)

torstai 2. kesäkuuta 2016

July 1642 - Day 142

In preparation for the coronation in 2 months, Martti now converted his gems and 25*TS163 silver coins to a coronet. He named it after the village of Sauste from where he came 20 years ago.

The rest of the IC is for sale since the price had jumped, which Martti does not believe will last. The residences produce plenty of IC.

Martti had in fact spent 140*IC in Italian Furniture. The sum is 3% of his wealth, and matches the spend on the Ming China. In Martti's belief, these two will increase in value in the future. As for gems, those as well, but the sapphire in the coronet is alone worth about 4% of Martti, so will need to suffice.

The business started fine. Not only the stock of Martti Tailors, but also its debt (DEBT-2), was sold quickly, prompting the new company THC to also have a debt issue (D-80THC)

lauantai 28. toukokuuta 2016

December 1641 - Day 138

Since the first day is "1", it means that in day "141", Martti will have lived 20 years in CryptoTown. That is a long time.

It also coincides with Martti's long term goal and wish to be financially independent. The recent deals have come quickly and made the life much more satisfying - a new phase is starting!

Martti now owns 25% of Martti Tailors Inc (stake valued at 125 mil, no personal risk except to lose this value). And his address has recently moved to Martti's Lane 16, to a brand new Baron-rated 180 sqm townhouse, of which 60 sqm is commercial space (payout 1.45 mil) and the rest produce a cool 31 CUL+IC, up from 7 last year in the small place in B.4.

Because the new place is so much better, it produces 113% more rent per sqm and 66% more culture. And is double the size. But he still owns the old house, and the 250 sqm lot that did not see building because the Wood building has been delayed all the 15 years he has owned it (it is coming in ~5 more years!).

For the first time, except for fleeting moments in the past, Martti can just buy what he wants, instead of thinking if it could be sold higher. The first thing he buys just because I can, is a Venetian mirror of 1x1 m size. The import tax alone for such a treasure is 1 mil. But the price does not matter, he wants it, and buys it. (If you do not want to play for 138 days to get the feeling, deposit is the option for you: the mirror cost $0.80, which is easier to inject from the outside than make in-game).

So, in round numbers, Martti's stake in the business is worth 125 mil, his real estate up to 200 mil and other stuff 75 mil. This makes him a 400 million guy, which is a lot closer to 1 billion than anything before. If God gives him even 25 more years, 3.8% annual growth will suffice for the goal. It seems achievable.

The building calculations are something that need to be analysed carefully - not that Martti cared about them when building what he wanted though, but because investing half of the capital in real estate makes sense only if it returns more than 3.8%. Can this happen?

Let us examine the money that went into the project:
- The lot cost 27.0 mil, and was admittedly such a good deal that Martti did not even think of alternatives. There are few small lots for sale except in B.4 (where Martti owned 2*100 sqm). This macrolocation is 65%!
- 234,000 stone was used at about 62 m/unit, totalling 14.5 mil
- 18*WIASS
windows were bought at bid but did not sell at ask, so were used in own building instead, let's say midprice 2.7 mil

- The building is 80% lux, so a real deal; the money paid for this is 12.6 mil and the rest comes as work...
- ... which totalled 3,762 BLD. It cost about 11,500 pop, so 43.3 mil

All in all, the money invested was funnily enough 100.1 mil, so let's make it a round 100 :)

The first glance is to evaluate the annual payout against the investment, to get the payout%. To be conservative, we use 0.050 mil to value the CUL output and 0.075 for the IC. This makes 3.88 mil from the top 2 floors, and 1.45 mil from the basement. The taxes payable are limited to 0.12 mil building tax.

So the payout is a very nice 5.21%, very much higher than the 0.45% offered by CON, for instance. If longer term analysis is needed, the buildings deteriorate, which affects their payout and they need repairs. The lot, stone and windows do not depreciate (45% of the total costs retain their value). Lux depreciates at 1% annually, and the labor(BLD) is variable - in this case 3 stories on normal wetness land with terraced flat roof equals 1.5% annual.

So the real return is about 4.5%, and that should be enough to make people join the party! :)

November 1641 - Day 137

Martti's quick guide to make a successful exit, cashing out Baron-sized money in the process, and at the same making him a risk-free option to hit big with a business:

Disclaimer - This works even if your side-job is not the King/Gamemaster, but it most likely does not work until you have 100+ days of active, social and courteous playtime behind you.

For a middle-aged man that Martti is (the old King started reigning at 34, what is Martti doing at that age??) the pressure to get a nice place to live and plan further moves is getting urgent. But but, the minimum to get a Baron-rated house and the land in anywhere except B.4 (where Martti's current house is for sale at 44 mil) is about 80 mil. That is a steep money for anyone.

So, the plan is to capitalise on the current tailor business (built with the loans from the Prince of Rome) by taking it public. For this to interest the audience, it is important to be a char in good standing and the business cycle needs to be good. (The pricing usually does not even matter, but to maintain the good standing, the buyer needs to make profit).

Making a corporation in CK is very easy - contact the admins and a new account (char type Ingame Corporation) is set up for you against 10 mil fee. A standalone corporation (Foreign-Owned Corporation, FOC), costs 30 mil.

The corporation may create any number of shares to itself, and start to sell them. In Martti's case, the initialisation process involved creating 500 shares and giving 125 of them to Martti for the services he is doing to the company and also promising to pay 160 mil to Martti once the rest of the shares get sold. If anyone buys the shares at these terms, is the question that was answered above, but is always uncertain until it happens. You just have to try!

In the first 8 hours, Martti got the following investors @ 1 mil/share:
- Prince Crichton 50 shares / 10%
- Duke of OZ 50 shares / 10%
- Prince of Rome 150 shares / 30%
- goin2mars 25 shares / 5%

Only after the free markets had bought 275/375 available shares (to ensure that the issue is selling with its own merits), Soul and the King bought the rest. They are among the characters that own a share of almost everything.

So now the company is in a good shape with Luigi owning the largest stake (30%) and Martti close second (25%), and the 5 minority owners having 45% total. The money is received with only one payment pending. Martti is debt free (after paying back to Prince Noms), and a Baronial Den is in the advanced planning process in Martti's Lane 16 (who could forgo the temptation to live on an alley that is named after him?!? ;) )

perjantai 27. toukokuuta 2016

September 1641 - Day 136

Middle-aged (34) Knight Martti is thinking of his life. In a few months, he will have stayed in CryptoTown for 20 years. The life has included many kinds of things, and overall has been satisfactory:
- Martti lives in a 90 sqm newly-built stone double-story in B.4, half of the house is rented away for business.
- He has become a formidable warrior due to much training and several campaigns. His PPG ("personal protection gear", nickname for the soldiery in the immediate command and weapons thereof) now includes himself (AOD-Capt), a PTE, 2*PIS, his own Powerful sword, and at least 1*H4 and a variety of lower level transport.
- Promotion to Capt was a nice surprise. The non-promotion to Baron was not. Also the fact that Baron requirement is among others a 100 sqm house, pressures Martti's finances. After 9 years as Knight, it should be a time to promote, but it is of course understandable that the most worthy are promoted first. In 1645 and 1650 are Baron promotions, and Martti wishes he could have the house built by the first one, and get solicitations from the Princes he knows, to advance a rank then.
- If Family&Lineage were here (will probably not be during Martti's lifetime), he would likely still be a bachelor since he seeks to make a name in the military, and also does not have the means to support a noble family (for commoner family, his lifestyle would be more than sufficient). Think of d'Artagnan in the beginning of Twenty Years After.

If years allow, the possibility to be promoted Earl is still there. The recent wealth report also showed that gaining 1 billion worth of assets is also a realistic goal. The latter is almost required in the quest for the former.

And right here, Martti learns that the Army&Countryside module is postponed post-Buildings (does not affect him) and Clans (will be an interesting but devastating effect due to the need to feed and clothe all the 50 NPC Martti employs, at the same time giving a sunny day for tailor business as all the rest need to clothe theirs as well. 

Money, money, that is needed to capitalise on the situation...  Prince Noms is not collecting his debts, so that can wait, but Prince luigi of Rome is seeking to get a report of the use of his money before he is giving any more.

Meanwhile, the balance is 21 mil negative so let us see:
It could be made whole by selling the SAP and the S-VE1, but no other quick options exist. Except... one of the highest nobles in the Kingdom, the Duke of OZ, was passing by a few days ago. Martti exchanged a few words, mentioning tailor business. The Duke told his way is to finance new ventures and have them managed by the new players. Martti is not so new any more, after having played 20 years! Perhaps the Duke would consider a corporation with Martti in the reins, and Prince of Rome as the second backer.

Let us go all in with this card then...