lauantai 9. huhtikuuta 2016

November 1634 - Day 89

Martti has been plagued by the illness, on the verge of consciousness for the whole year.

Waking up, possibly for a short time only, he sees the balance at -19 million, which demands immediate attention lest it is not possible to buy food.

Unable to think clearly, Martti first consumes inefficiently 200*MEAD and VEG and MEAT, which he has produced himself, and only then realises that the suits whose production has been the cause for the deficit, can be sold. Selling mostly to bids (which are high as the NPCC need suits for their final scoring), Martti manages himself 4 mil positive.

The horse had been upgraded to H3 "Good Horse" in the recent promotion, which feels good. The shares of S-B22B are not moving in the markets so Martti dumps them to the bid, making his balance up to 7 mil.

In the last desperate attempt to combat the health challenge, 200*CAN is bought from the ask and consumed. Still, the result is that Significant challenge is left after all the quotas are fully used (the first time for Martti by the way).

As an effect of heavy CAN use, Martti's Wisdom was increased to 6. Wisdom is an important consideration in commoner promotions, which do not concern Martti anymore as he was recently Knighted and is therefore a minor noble already. It is an important consideration in noble promotions as well, though.

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