lauantai 30. huhtikuuta 2016

September 1637 - Day 108

The beautiful noise of construction, the moment waited for so many years - Martti's first custom-built house! Although it is perfect for Martti's own use (4 times larger than the one on the same lot that was demolished after the mold), the main intention is to sell the house and build another one with the money.

For 90 sqm, the sell price including land, is set to 44 mil, less than half a mil per sqm. There is not too much room for haggling - costs to Martti were 27 mil at ask, and land should be valued at about 8.5 mil, half of the price of the B.22 lot sold earlier.

The nice feature in the new house is Shopfront, possibility to assign some part of the building to produce rental income from shops, and the rest is designated in normal use. Even in B.4, shopfronts make sense lining major streets, such as this one that is basically at the gate of the whole 4-NW chapelry with already 20% macrolocation.

Martti has about 1% of the gemstone raffle tickets. That should statistically yield him 2 stones, which, he believes, will be valued higher than the ticket prices. Also, he needs the sapphire for the coronet...

A new feature is now in the game - automatic IC->item conversion. That is very handy, and will soon enlarge itself to include many item types that have been neglected ever since the ancient times.

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