keskiviikko 20. tammikuuta 2016

May 1623 - Day 9

The days this spring have been long with many things happening. His Majesty announced that it is time to let the Swedish pay for their foolish pride, and some troops left with the main force staying in the town for more preparations. The manor lords are recruiting militia. The church is fortifying their own haw (an ancient tax-free area in town with some strange privileges usually). Some of these things can be seen in the Main Menu -> Town Map, but mostly the storytelling happens in the Game Thread.

The winter was heavy and there are more mouths to be fed in the town due to the preparations for war. There are no vegetables for sale at all, meat costs 7,000 which is too much, and Martti already ate some herbs (which means there is no variety bonus available there anymore). To not lose the frequency bonus that reloads daily, the consumption this time is 50*MEAD, something that most probably is smart anyway. The quota is mostly unfilled, and the remaining challenge still Severe.

Martti checked that he had nearly 4.8 mil in cash only (due to many of his merchandise being sold) and decided to take a summer break, leaving things as they are, and come next time with renewed long term plans. The short term looks very good now. There was an offer of some herb-cultivation "rights" in the thread (S-CAN) that only cost an equivalent of a copper coin. To Martti's great surprise, some were still available when he reached the registry. Only 1 was allowed per character, and that adds Martti's income by ~0.1 mil per year again. In total, the salary and production shares are now as follows:

Salary - 700,000*M - 0.7 mil
Pig - 50*MEAT - 0.25 mil - 100*VEG - 0.15 mil
Herb garden - 100*CAN - 0.1 mil

Passive income is the key to getting rich, so L3 Martti prides himself of getting 1.2 mil of annual incomes. For comparison, a L17 Duke (6 characters in this or higher level exist) would have a similarly calculated income in 100s of mil, with also higher costs.

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  1. How did you get a 700000 salary? I read all the posts up until this one, but can't figure out where that comes from.