sunnuntai 7. helmikuuta 2016

December 1625 - Day 27

The slaughter has not come yet, on the contrary, Martti's balance is surprisingly low, at 3.3 mil. Upon investigation, it seems that a green suit bid was fulfilled, so Martti now has a spare. The suit spoil round also happened, and Martti was lucky to not have his suit spoiled "eaten by the Great Moth".

So the other minimums for promotion to L5 Expert have been fulfilled, except the actual experience. The minimum age is 20 and typical is more like 25 for such promotion. The sword project is also very promising - Martti has already 11*IC (of the 20 needed), because his home is also producing IC now, and the year change this time was double (because the last one was delayed so much that it was merged to this one, for the benefit of Martti).

Occasionally new game concepts come and first comers typically get a benefit. Often new products come to the market via some kind of initial offering. Because the offering is already an auction, it is more difficult to say how the price will develop afterwards. Many products have enjoyed continuous value appreciation, but others have also cratered after the initial fad. W1600 initially cost about 25k and at its peak only a couple of years later was selling for 200k. COH cubanos started at a lofty 50 million per box of 25, and now their ask is 1.4 mil and bid 0.3 mil.

The latest offer is SFS "Siberian Flying Squirrel Pelts" and the flagship item to be fashioned of them is a full-length fur mantel, fit for a king (literally!), for which 200*SFS are needed. After careful consideration, Martti places a lowball bid because the first few years after the auction there is typically little liquidity anyway. So better get them cheap, or not at all!

The next interesting category of assets is NPC, since now Martti's finances allow the training process of lower-level ones to high ones, who produce millions worth of CUL, IC, SCI per year - and take decades to train, but Martti is young :) Also hopefully the slaughtered meat has come by next time, and the Lot Raffle feature ready for exploring!

The health challenge Martti finishes Moderate, as always. Until now, he has only fully consumed the food quota, and just tasted mead, beer and can, to get the variety bonuses. For 20 more years, the health challenge is rather easy to handle with veg, meat, 
mead, beer and can, just with a slight emphasis to meat and beer when the challenge is more difficult, and veg, mead (or even nothing) when it is easy. On the other hand, these coming years are the ones when it is cost-effective to try to lose as little health as possible, getting the challenge to Insignificant. When the years start to weigh in and the consuming of more potent stuff becomes a pressing need, the costs mount significantly. [This is to limit the lifespan of a character to a realistic average.]

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