torstai 25. helmikuuta 2016

July 1628 - Day 44-45

It all happened so quickly: Martti is now at L5 Expert, and enlisted to Sir Crichton's dragon slayer team. (Although it is not really required by the game mechanics,) Martti feels that a housekeeper is in order as he is now going to the south to assist The Margrave and the Prince Noms in their quest.

So, off we go to the labor market and buy 1*WAI (waitress) for 0.8 mil. Waitress is the starting NPC in Butler line, and after 8 promotions s/he becomes Butler-9, who is appraised 125 / 40 mil by the market.

Without the Skills and Items modules (adding playable content to the game later in 2016), there is not much Martti can do to prepare for his departure. So he leaves the household to the waiter, saddles his horse and takes only his sword and some bottles of wine from the trading stock and heads to Crichton Country Club where he thinks the taskforce is assembling.

During expeditions to other counties, the game can be played mostly as if the character was in town. Only some special situations such as politics and intrigue, are limited based on the location of the character. The character can be assassinated (for example) only based on where he is, so if he goes to his own army camp far away, it will be difficult to assassinate him, but probably easier to hide it. In town, it is easy to kill people, but once you do it, the justice is terrifying: the penalty for murder is death, and the only question is, how humiliating is the method.

And since we are talking about death - the dragon quest is by no means risk free either. Currently the heirs need not be assigned during your lifetime, the account remains usable 30 days after death. Martti sends a letter to his big brother who has been toiling in the contryside all the years Martti has made money in town. If he does not come back from the south, the brother can claim the estate, and the blog will continue, if there is enough interest.

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